December 17, 2023

Image Processing with ChatGPT Now Available for Software DevOps and Platform Engineering Teams that Use Blitline’s File Processing-as-Service

Software developers can now leverage new ChatGPT’s Generative Artificial Intelligence capabilities to automate software development coding using Blitline’s File Processing-as-a-Service API documentation.

SEATTLE, October 3, 2023 – Blitline LLC, a SaaS solution provider for software and media companies that need secure and affordable processing of images, documents, video files, and other multimedia within their online applications and digital platforms, today announced the launch of the company’s new generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) engine that leverages ChatGPT to automatically read the company’s technical documentation and generate software code for Blitline’s one-stop File Processing-as-Service (FPaaS) solution. Software development and platform engineering teams that use Blitline as an enterprise-grade alternative to Open Source solutions such as ImageMagick and FFMpeg can find and use Blitline’s new GenAI-powered code generator on the account dashboard that is accessible to users upon signing in via the website.

“Blitline’s mission is to eliminate the costly time that DevOps teams spend performing maintenance and applying security patches to in-house image and file processing solutions that are traditionally built using Open Source solutions,” said Jason Malcolm, Blitline Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “With the launch of our GenAI coding generator, Blitline is now freeing up even more time for developers to focus on platform innovation by reducing the time it to takes new customers to get up and running with Blitline and to help existing customers to more easily leverage advanced features.”

Blitline SaaS provides cloud software and digital media companies with a one-stop enterprise-grade API solution to process virtually any file type, from images such as .jpg, .png, and .tif, to Adobe PDF files, Office 365 files, video files, audio files, and more.  By integrating Blitline’s best-of-breed API into their platform infrastructure, business customers can perform numerous file processing functions including automatic converting and transcoding, re-sizing, cropping, compositing, text overlay, color extraction, watermarking, de-duplication, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered background removal, HTML rendering for SEO outputs, as well as metadata extraction and object recognition through Amazon Rekognition.

The company’s new GenAI-powered code generator enables developers to submit prompts into a text query field to describe a desired file processing function such as ‘crop to 1200x1200 pixels, then add a watermark that says SalesCorp.’, then automatically receive back software development code leveraging Blitline’s online API documentation. Powered by ChatGPT, Blitline’s code generator reduces the amount of manual work that is needed to review technical documentation for the Blitline API and create source code for integrating Blitline into digital platform infrastructures.

To learn more about Blitline and to sign up for a free account, please visit the company’s website at To preview and trial Blitline’s new GenAI-powered code generator, go to

About Blitline

Blitline is the most affordable SaaS solution for software and media companies that need a scalable enterprise-grade solution for one-stop secure processing of images, documents, video files, audio files, and other file types. A superior alternative to insecure internal file processing applications built with Open Source solutions and costly URL-based services with limited file type support, Blitline SaaS is available at, via Amazon EventBridge and GitHub.

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